• L-MARK® and L-MARK® Gold Syringes

  • Hamilton and SGE CTC Syringes

  • CTC PAL Autosampler Replacement Parts

  • VALCO and Rheodyne Valves, Rotors and Loops

  • L-MARK and La-Pha-Pack Vials and Caps

  • Thermo NUNC and Porvair Sciences Plates and Cap Mat

 Analytical laboratory customers demand reliability and availability for the products complimenting their high throughput PAL autosampling systems. LEAP PAL Parts now offers a full host of consumable and small parts.  LEAP PAL Parts has been in the lab instrumentation and liquid handling business for over 20 years. If you are currently working with a CTC/LEAP PAL Autosampler, we offer a complete line of small parts and consumables to meet your needs. Our products are of the highest quality from premier manufacturers in our industry. CTC Analytics, Thermo Scientific, VALCO Instruments, Rheodyne/IDEX, SGE, and of course our own L-MARK brand of HPLC and GC syringes.

We are confident LEAP PAL Parts’ products, services, and prices will continue to exceed your expectations.

Simplify by selecting LEAP PAL Parts as your single source for “All Things PAL™”.


L-MARK Integrity Vials and Caps

LEAP PAL Parts is excited to announce the launch of our L-MARK Integrity™ brand of vials and caps.  All L-MARK Integrity™ vial and cap products are proudly made in the USA.  Our vials are converted from the best glass producers in the world and our closures are produced under the strictest ISO standards.

  • CLICK HERE to shop our line of L-MARK Integrity™ vial and cap products. 
  • For more information on our L-MARK Integrity™ brand and FAQ’s CLICK HERE.  
  • To request a free sample for evaluation, call 877-725-1007 -- See how the L-MARK Integrity™ line can improve your labs operations and bottom line.  



March 2017

L-MARK Agilent Instrument Syringes Released


Introducing the L-MARK Agilent Instrument Syringes. Check back daily for more details on the products. Request a free sample today to experience the quality and savings.



April, 2016


LEAP PAL Parts is excited to announce a promotion for our L-MARK DLW needles.  We offer a chemically inert coated version and a non-coated version.  Take advantage of these savings and get a free sample now through July 15, 2016. 

Click here to view our L-MARK DLW needles!



June, 2015


LEAP PAL Parts is pleased to introduce the CTC PAL SPME(Solid Phase Microextraction) Fiber products. CTC Analytics developed and optimized these SPME fibers for their superior autosampler, the PAL System Autosampler.

Click here to shop the new CTC PAL SPME Fibers.



June, 2015


LEAP PAL Parts is proud to introduce our newest member of our Sales Team, Renee Lundahl. Renee Lundahl joins the LEAP PAL Parts team as the Southern California Technical Sales Representative.  Prior to accepting this position, she served as Director of Sales for Community Health Focus Inc. and as an executive intern at VWR International.  



January, 2015


LEAP PAL Parts is proud to introduce our newest member of our Sales Team, David Thomson. David joined LEAP PAL Parts in 2012 and is now our Delaware Valley Sales Professional. 



May, 2014

LEAP PAL Parts is now a distributor of Thermo Scientific’s high quality scientific products for the HPLC and GC markets.

Some of the items we now distribute include:

  • La-Pha-Pack vial and cap products
  • National Scientific products
  • Nalge Nunc products 
  • Thermo storage plates and cap mats


April, 2014

L-Mark Absolute™ Vials
The Absolute™ vials minimize the surface interaction of the glass with your sample.
(1) minimal adsorption of positive compounds to the glass surface
(2) very low %RSD between vials
(3) pH inert

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