In recent years the Mass Spectrometers have become increasingly sensitive. CTC Analytics developed an improved PAL known as the Dynamic Load Wash or DLW. The beauty of the DLW Optioned PAL is the sample no longer comes in contact with the syringe. Not only will this provide lower carryover in many methods, most methods will enjoy much faster cycles. LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables carries most of the replacement parts and syringe products to maximize the usage and performance of the DLW Option. As with most of our products, we can ship same day.

Additional Product Offerings:

1) L-MARK Syringe products. 

2) L-MARK Needles- both coated and non-coated for maximum carryover reduction.

3) Additional volume options- 250uL, 500uL and even 1mL. All of these are L-MARK syringe offerings and will need a matching volume loop.


CTC Analytics List of Replacement Parts


LEAP PAL Parts has been working a number of years to come up with a solution to the issue of the DLW syringe loosening at the bottom screw fitting during operation.  We launched a new syringe last year that has addressed this issue. 

The L-Mark DLW syringe (LMK.2620740) is designed with a new ferrule at the bottom fitting.  This ferrule is made of PCTFE and molded in a T shape.  The combination of the two changes inhibit the ferrule from moving inside the bottom of the syringe barrel which is often the case with the traditional cone PTFE ferrule found in the other DLW syringe options.  The movement of the ferrule create a void in the bottom fitting allowing it to loosen during operation. 

In addition to the ferrule change, the LMK.2620740 DLW syringe operates with the black hybrid PTFE plunger tip.  This plunger tip has shown to have a greater resistance to the variety of wash solvents used in the system therefore prolonging the plunger life.  These improvements are also available in our 250µL, 500µL and 1mL L-Mark DLW syringes.

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