In recent years the Mass Spectrometers have become increasingly sensitive. CTC Analytics developed an improved PAL known as the Dynamic Load Wash or DLW. The beauty of the DLW Optioned PAL is the sample no longer comes in contact with the syringe. Not only will this provide lower carryover in many methods, most methods will enjoy much faster cycles. LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables carries most of the replacement parts and syringe products to maximize the usage and performance of the DLW Option. As with most of our products, we can ship same day.

Additional Product Offerings:

1) L-MARK Syringe products. 

2) L-MARK Needles- both coated and non-coated for maximum carryover reduction.

3) Additional volume options- 250uL, 500uL and even 1mL. All of these are L-MARK syringe offerings and will need a matching volume loop.


CTC Analytics List of Replacement Parts