All of our glass and closure products are made in the USA, which provides reassurance to reductions in logistic and supply concerns.  Attention to detail and excellent manufacturing practices ensure these are the best vials and closures in the industry.  Proving LEAP PAL Parts is committed to excellence in production and service, we continually invest in quality systems, equipment and personnel to ensure we always exceed customers’ expectations.  


  •  All of our L-MARK closure products are fully tested pre and post production with certification and data available to customers.  
  • All glass products are made in the USA, and the glass used to form the vials is also made from the USA or Germany.  In most cases, the glass is made by Schott, Nipro or Gerresheimer – some of the premier and most experienced glass producers in the world.
  •  L-MARK vials go through a 100% inspection via QC camera systems and Length Gauge Systems which measure all attributes of the finish, shoulder, and vial length.

Additional Information

L-MARK closure products numbering system

·         All L-MARK closures have a 3-2-4 digit formation, for example: 011-03-0300

·         The first 3 digits represent the diameter of the cap or septa

·         The second 2 digits represent a product type description

  • 01 – metal cap 
  • 02 – liner only
  • 03 – assembly item
  • 04 – stopper assembly
  •  08 – empty caps
  • 10 – stopper
  • 13 – Bonded items

·         The last 4 digits represent each items unique part number